Ondo Grammar School Renewal and 64th Anniversary

Join us in celebrating 64 years of teaching and learning.

Date: February 4, 2023








Announcement: Meeting of old boys for a place and time to be determined to discuss future of the Hostel



Chief Olu Akinbobola was the foundation principal of Ondo Anglican Grammar School Ondo which was founded in 1959. Every thing he did for the school then was of good standard. Prior to the time of moving to our then hostel, we were using four buildings along Ife road...

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Establishing the first Loda yearly needs-based scholarship in OGS. I am happy with the announcement of the winners of the first Loda scholarship in our beloved school (Loda is my grandfather’s nickname in Ondo) Pa. Jacob Olorunfemi was an industrious hard-working man...

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About Ondo Grammar School

Ondo Anglican Grammar School, Ondo has been a place where young boys achieved their secondary school education for over fifty years. On February 4, 2019, OGS will celebrate 60th anniversary.

In its heyday, OGS was one of the top-notched secondary school in Ondo town and the western region of Nigeria. Started in 1959, OGS was the first school to offer flushing toilets, electricity and portable drinking water for the students. It offered a boarding house, fully equipped with a dinning and recreation center. Some of the food prepared for the students were grown in the school, including a chicken coop, which produces eggs for the student meal and sales to support the school. The school was designed to be self-sustained.

The school had fully equipped physics, chemistry and biology laboratory for students to perform experiments. There was a library, where students can read and study.

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This association is strictly for the old boys of Ondo Anglican Grammar School Ondo. Ondo Anglican Grammar School is boys only school, because girls are not a member is not due to lack of our support of inclusiveness.